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The Portico Quartet are a bunch of guys in their early twenties who play instrumental music. Formed six years ago from two sets of schoolfriends, they share a house in East London, make recordings, and play festivals and clubs. Yet what distinguishes them from dozens of other Hackney hopefuls is the way they sound – a fresh, unclichéd resynthesis and reinvention of music that’s both pleasingly familiar and thrillingly new, like World Music from the future.

Con influencias como Burial, Mount Kimble, Flying Lotus, Bon Iver, Steve Reich y Max Richter, el cuarteto londinense lanza este 2012 su tercera producción con un cambio de estilo que surge de manera natural, logrando disolver sonidos acústicos de manera electrónica. Portico Quartet conserva un sonido único, magnificado a través de la electrónica especializada, realizando un álbum realmente interesante.



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